With the 2020 racing season nearly upon us, there are a few important Tech updates that everyone needs to be aware of.  The full text of the updates, and well as more minor updates, have been uploaded to the Series website in the form of the Official Rulebook, which can be downloaded anytime.

  1. The penalties for having out of compliance safety gear have been updated.  The previous penalty was Disqualification (in most cases).  That has now been amended to a 10 position penalty.  (See section 102.xx for detail)
  2. The Official 2 Cycle fuel has been changed from VP C12 to VP MS98. Express Karts remains the Official Fuel Vendor.
  3. The Official 2 Cycle oil has been changed to Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T Kart Racing Oil.
  4. IAME MiniSwift – Minimum weight has been changed from 250 to 245lbs.
  5. IAME KA100 Junior – Minimum weight has been changed from 330 to 320lbs.
  6. IAME X30 Junior – Minimum weight has been changed from 330 to 320lbs.
  7. All IAME Swift clutches must be IAME 10 or 11 tooth drum without holes.

Additionally, MG Tires previously announced the replacement compounds for the latest homologation, as the MG SH (Red), which replaces the HZi.  And the MG SM (Yellow), which replaces the FZ compound.  For USPKS competition, you will be required to use the SH and SM versions.  The old compounds are no longer legal.  The X30 Junior class, will also be moved to the SH (Red) tires for 2020, and will be limited to 1 set per weekend, as all the other classes who utilize the Red compound are.  The only classes using the SM (Yellow) tires are X30 Pro and X30 Masters, who get a new set each day.

These updates have been made for a number of reasons.  Clarifications, increased parity, and consistency with other series are some of the reasons.  If you have a specific question about a rule that is not addressed in the online rulebook, please contact National Tech Director Rick Jump (his info is on the Series website).