As previously announced, in order to create more room in the Saturday and Sunday schedules, and let people travel more easily on Sunday evening, weekend qualifying has been moved to the end of the day on Friday.  For those that are unfamiliar with the process, here is a quick primer on how it will work.

  1. Tire scanning will now need to be completed by Noon on Friday*. As always, you will come to Tech with whatever new sticker slick tires you plan to race on, and they will scan them in. If you are in Mini Swift or Micro Swift, you will bring one set of tires for scanning.  If you are in KA100 Sr, KA100 Jr, or X30 Pro Jr, you have the option to bring one set of MG Red tires for each day, or just one set to be used both days.  If you are in X30 Pro Sr or X30 Masters, you must bring two sets of MG Yellow slick tires, one set for each day.  Rain tires do not need to be scanned.
  2. The 4th track session on Friday will be Official Saturday Qualifying for all classes, and all classes will present to the grid on new sticker tires that have been previously scanned by Tech (before noon).
  3. The 5th track session on Friday will be Official Sunday Qualifying for all classes. Competitors in the Mini Swift and Micro Swift classes will present to the grid with the same tires they scanned and used in the Saturday session, as they are only allowed one set of tires for the weekend.  Competitors in the KA100 Sr, KA100 Jr, and X30 Pro Jr classes will present to the grid with whichever set of tires they previously scanned in Tech for Sunday competition.
  4. KA100 Sr, KA100 Jr, and X30 Pro Jr drivers who opt to scan the same set of tires for both are limited for the weekend to that single set. You will not be allowed to add another set later in the weekend.
  5. In all classes, you will race the tires that you qualified on, the only exception being if rain tires were called for by Race Officials.

*The penalty for failing to scan tires by Noon (or designated cut off time), will be loss of fastest lap in qualifying for both days.