Competition Age Reminder
As a result of age rule changes made by other series, several competitors have signed up to compete in USPKS in classes they are not eligible for. USPKS has its own complete rules and regulations, and is neither associated with, nor compelled to follow, any other organization’s rules. The USPKS rule for determining a driver’s Competition Age is below (from rulebook).

“103.3 Competition Age:
The Competition Age of a driver is determined by the driver’s actual age at the start of the calendar year
(Jan 1st). Any driver meeting the minimum age requirement to move up to the next level by the end of the calendar year is eligible to do so anytime during the year. However, once they compete at the higher level, they may not move back to the lower level. EXAMPLE: If a driver is 14 on Jan 1st but will be 15 in July, he/she may stay in Junior or move up to Senior Pro (USPKS). Falsification of age will lead to disqualification and/or suspension.”

In very special cases, with drivers that are close in age and have extensive proven credentials, the Series may opt to allow a driver to apply for a waiver to move up in category. Drivers should never assume that they will receive a waiver, as VERY few are issued. In general, waivers will only be issued to past USPKS or other top level race series feature winners, and only in certain circumstances. Do not register for an event, or show up at an event expecting to race a class you aren’t eligible for, without requesting (and being granted) a waiver. To request an age-based waiver application, please email the driver’s name and contact info to Series Administrator Tim Koyen (, who will provide you with the application to complete. The USPKS Team will then evaluate the application and notify you of their decision.