With 170 pre-entries, the upcoming event at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC is going to be one of USPKS’ biggest events ever.  The Pre-Registration phase has closed, but you may still enter at the track, beginning at 3pm on Thursday, then again on Friday.  All classes have room left for now, but will be capped at 40 karts, if the need arises.

Please double check the posted entry list on the website to verify your kart number and transponder number.  If there is a blank space where the transponder number should be displayed, you did not provide it upon entry and you will need to provide it, or rent one, in order to pickup your packet.  You should also verify your race number.  Due to the large number of entries, there were multiple incidents of drivers registering the same number, so the second choice was used on a number of them.

There will be a safety tech update posted at the track.  The general summary of the update is that helmet supports (commonly known as neck collars) will no longer be required in the Senior class level.  They are still required for all Junior and Mini/Micro class drivers.  Additionally, the penalty for non-compliance on safety gear items is being adjusted from a disqualification to a 10 position penalty.  As part of this update to the safety rules and procedures, chassis bands will no longer be issued to karts that do not present their safety gear in Pre-Tech, including the mandatory chest plates for drivers under 13.  Official rules will be posted at the track and on the Series website.