Geo Cup

Due to the late introduction of the Geo Cup Team Affiliation competition, and some issues with being able to sign up online for it, we are reopening the registration for drivers who would like to participate in it.  As before, there is an optional blank on the online entry form for drivers to enter a Team that they would like to be affiliated with.  There is also a blank on the At-track registration form for those who opt to enter trackside.  For those that did not already select a Team, or were unable to, you can simply send an email with your Name, Class, and Team that you would like any points you earn to be attributed, to  You can also bring that information to the Series trailer during Registration hours at the next event at GoPro Motorplex.  Please do not send it to any other email addresses, or Facebook, as they only way for it to be counted is to email to  All information will be updated after this event, and the points earned will be retroactive back to the start of the season.  After this grace period ends at the end of Registration in Mooresville, the only time signups will be allowed for the Geo Cup is during the registration process, whether online, or at the track.  Congrats to all those that scored points on Ocala and best of luck to all in Mooresville!


Practice Ban

As per the USPKS Competition Rules and Regulations, practicing or testing during the week of a USPKS event, by drivers competing in the USPKS event, is prohibited.  This rule was waived for the first event due to unforeseen contractual obligations with the facility, and practice was allowed on a modified circuit.  This will NOT be the case at the remaining events.  Drivers practicing or testing on the Monday – Thursday at the facility of an event will be subject to the penalties outlined in the rule below.  This rule also applies to the Route 66 Series.

“302.15 Practice: Drivers will practice with their class. If a driver practices with another class without USPKS approval they will be penalized. Testing Monday thru Thursday the week of the event will not be permitted at the track at which the event will be held. Anyone violating this rule will not be allowed to practice on Friday. Furthermore, they must participate in qualifying on Saturday and Sunday and start at the back of both of the heat races or pre final on both days. Starting position for the finals will be based on the accumulated points they received from the heat races or pre final. Anything outside of a concession rental kart is not allowed.