In January, the United States Pro Kart Series, in conjunction with IAME USA-East, announced its major prize package for 2017, and this weekend’s Liberty GP at Pitt Race Complex is a key stop in the journey toward winning those valuable prizes.  Headlining the package will be trips to the IAME International Final and the SKUSA SuperNationals.

The Championship point leaders after the first 3 events, in X30 Pro, X30 Junior, and Mini Swift (X30 Mini*), will receive a ticket to their respective classes at the IAME International Final.  The prize package includes the race entry fee, race tires, engine/chassis rental, mechanic, and support for the event.   The IIF is very close to our final event of the season, so to allow the winners more time to prepare, we will award the seats to the point leaders after 3 events.  USPKS has also acquired an additional seat for Mini Swift, to be awarded to the overall weekend winner at Event #2 at Pittsburgh International.  This seat will include the entry fee and guaranteed spot only.  If this weekend winner goes on to be the points leader after NCMP (secures the full ride ticket), then the seat will revert to the overall weekend winner at Event #3 at NCMP.  If the Points leader is also the weekend winner at NCMP, then the seat will go to whomever finishes 2nd overall at Event #3.  So even if you weren’t able to make it to the opener at Mooresville, you can still win a seat this weekend at Pitt.  Since this is the first year for Mini Swift, these spots are very coveted.  Adding to the prestige, there are a total of only 34 seats available worldwide, and USPKS competitors get a crack at 2 of them.  This also means that this year’s IIF Mini Swift winner will be the inaugural champion.  (*The IIF utilizes the X30 Mini package for this age category.)

These four drivers will also become part of the Team IAME USA 2017.

The 2017 IAME International Final will be held at the Le Mans Karting International Circuit in Le Mans France.  405 Drivers participated in 5 IAME classes at the 2016 event and with the addition of the X30 Mini class, the 2017 event will be even larger.

The Liberty GP at Pitt Race Complex also marks the second step toward securing those guaranteed starting spots on SuperSunday during the 2017 Edition of the SKUSA SuperNationals.  SKUSA recently announced that this event will be held on the freshly paved lot that sits where the Riviera Casino once stood, now part of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  As previously announced, the Champion in each of the five USPKS IAME based classes that also participate in the SuperNationals, will receive a paid entry, race tires, race fuel, AND a guaranteed starting spot in the main event on Super Sunday.  The USPKS Inaugural Champion in the KA100 Sr class with get their choice of an entry to X30 Sr, or X30 Masters at the SuperNationals.  The SKUSA SuperNationals is unquestionably the biggest and most prestigious karting event in North America, and the possibility of earning a guaranteed starting spot to the biggest kart stage in the world makes this package extremely valuable.

In addition to these fantastic race opportunities, USPKS class champions and top finishers in all the IAME classes will receive IAME engines or parts packages.

PreEntry for the Liberty GP is now closed, but trackside registration will be available beginning Thursday.

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