During the Off-Season, the staff at USPKS has been working on numerous things, and one of them is to finalize the rule changes for the upcoming race season.  One of the biggest changes that racers will see is the removal of the pre-event practice ban for Thursday.  There will still be no practice on Mon-Wed of a race weekend.  There are several reason for this change, but the most compelling is that the venues rely on the revenue from these practice days to make the race weekends affordable.  Continuing the ban would require the Series to rent the track for an additional day, and therefore dramatically increase the cost to the racers.  That said, while a half day of additional practice will be available on Thursday, it is certainly not required.  Allowing the additional practice will also help those of our competitors who are traveling long distances be able to get an extra day of practice in, without making a special trip to the venue just to practice.

Every year, we hear from those that like and those that dislike the ban.  We understand that not everyone feels the same about it, but this is how it needs to be for now.

We are finalizing the details of the Technical changes for the season right now, and expect updates coming within the next couple days.

We are also happy to announce that Redline Oil has opted to continue its relationship with USPKS!





1/24/19 5:34PM CT- Article has been updated to clarify that the only additional practice being allowed is on Thursday afternoon.