Based on the feedback and engine declarations from drivers who raced the SouthernGP in Orlando, the United States Pro Kart Series, presented by MG Tires, IAME USA East, and BBQ-Pros will be making a few changes to the Pro Shifter class beginning at the TexasGP at Speedsportz Racing Park in New Caney, TX.

Due to the fact that we had solely KZ entries at Round 1 and the difficulty with balancing competitiveness with the Non-KZ IAME SSE shifter engine, we will be restricting the class to KZ engines only moving forward. Balancing multiple engines for each track is a near impossible task, and a big reason as to why we have always been a single engine class structure since our inception.

By moving Pro Shifter to strictly KZ, we will also be aligning ourselves with the KZ standard of allowing 2 engines to be checked in during the newly-created KZ specific check-in period on Friday. Drivers will be able to use either engine at any point during the race weekend without penalty.

And finally, due to the respect shown on track at Round 1, and at the drivers’ request, pushback bumpers will not be mandated or enforced at Round 2. As long as the respect amongst the field remains the level it did in Orlando.

Registration is currently open for the April 27-30 TexasGP at Speedsportz, just outside of Houston, TX.  MiniSwift is sold out at this time, and MicroSwift is nearing capacity.  This event will likely be one of the largest USPKS events ever as many new competitors from Texas and California will be in attendance.  TexasGP pre-registration remains open until midnight on April 22nd.