All pit area will be paid reserved parking for this event.  All camping, whether RV, Camper, or Tent camping requires the camping fee to help cover the overnight security.

Due to the anticipated size of this event, and the limited pit area, we are asking teams to take only the space they need for pitting.  Disconnected tow vehicles and personal cars will be parked outside the paddock area.  Road America has recently replaced the Johnsonville bridge, entering the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex, and it can now safely and easily accommodate both foot traffic and large haulers, with no height restrictions.  Car parking will be on the other side of the bridge.  As many of you already know, the pit area at RA is primarily grass.  If it is important that you pit next to, or with someone, please put everyone on one form.

Motorhomes and camping:  Road America now has 2 available camping areas.  Premium camping spots are available along the newly paved road that leads from the Scale area up the hill.  Those spaces are available for $250 for the weekend and are very close to the kart track.  The Standard camping area is on the other side of the Johnsonville Bridge, adjacent to the car parking.  There is easy access to come and go from this area, but they are further from the kart track.  These spaces are $150 for the event. There are no hookups at any location.  If you have a toyhauler type RV, and intend to camp and work out of it, you will need to reserve paddock space for it, and pay the standard camping fee (please note on the form if this is the case).

Download the fillable Reservation Form HERE.

The completed form, including payment info, should be sent to Tim Koyen at  Questions about parking can also be directed to Tim.

The pit area will open to park on Wednesday morning, July 6.  Sponsors will have first access to park.  All entry will be made through Gate #4, off Highway J.  Wristbands will be purchased, and waivers will be completed, at that time.  Do not come to Gate #6 to enter, they will not let you in.  There is a staging area across the Highway from Gate #6 for those arriving Tuesday night, prior to Gate #4 opening.  Please do not come to Road America before Tuesday night, they will turn you away.  Gate #6 access will be available after hours for those with a USPKS wristband, or are on the USPKS worker list.