We are expecting a record crowd a the upcoming season finale at GoPro Motorplex (October- 14-17, 2021).  With that in mind, the parking procedure is being modified slightly.  The staff at GoPro Motorplex will be organizing and parking folks as they arrive, however USPKS staff will be collecting the Pit/Parking Request Forms.  Reserving parking is super easy.  Just download the form below, print it out and complete it (with your payment info).  Then either scan it or take a good photo of it, and email it to USPKS Series Admin, Tim Koyen, at tekoyen@gmail.com.  When Tim has received your form, he will reply to your email confirming its receipt.  Forms without payment card info completed will not be accepted.  Approximately 1 week prior to the event, USPKS will be passing all the forms along to GoPro Motorplex and their team will layout the parking and get folks parked.

Due to the nature of the space the staff is working with, and the large turnout anticipated, pit space will be sold on a per foot basis ($.10/ft)  We are asking to not request more space than you need, to allow for as many folks as possible to pit inside the fenced area.  Assume that all tow vehicles, passenger cars, and motorhomes will need to park outside the fenced paddock area.  As requested on the form, please include a basic sketch, with dimensions, of the pit area needed.  This will allow staff to more effective use the available space, and give you the best possible access to your space.  Also, if you want to pit ‘next to XYZ Team’, have that team include you in their space request, rather than sending in separate request forms.

Motorhome parking is $125 for the event and requires a form as well.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  If you have any questions, you can reach Tim at tekoyen@gmail.com or (608)235-4761.

Pit Space Request Form