USPKS has issued a number of tech updates that will take effect with the next event at New Castle Motorsports Park.  Please follow the link and read the document to familiarize yourself with the rule updates.  A summary is below.

  • Junior drivers that are significantly over the minimum weight in the Junior classes, may be able to move up to the Senior class, if they meet certain requirements, which are detailed in the pdf of the rules.
  • As part of the continued evolution of the Push-Back nosecone utilization, the rules enforcement criteria has been updated to more closely match what is used in Europe.  This should give our racers a small additional amount of leeway.  Read the pdf document for more details.
  • All engines must now utilize some type of throttle return spring on the carburetor.  Specific rules on which ones are acceptable and the approval process for those that aren’t cited as examples, are detailed in the pdf document.
  • Addresses how lapped competitors are in the Route 66 Sprint Series are to handle the blue/yellow flag.

We encourage everyone download the pdf document and read it fully.  It is the competitor’s responsibility to be familiar and compliant with the rules.