USPKS has officially cancelled the Shifter/KZ class.  We needed 10 entered by Friday the 29th and got 5.   Unfortunately there simply aren’t enough active KZ drivers in the US to support all the major racing series.  USPKS has long focused on single speed racing and has some of the best fields in the country.  We made a foray into shifter racing last year with mixed results.  As the 2024 season opener loomed before us, it became obvious that, despite putting up a significant purse, a busy Florida winter racing program meant that there aren’t enough drivers left with funds and time to compete.  We recognize that we are not helping the shifter community by further fragmenting the limited number of entries that exist, we’re only hurting it.  Therefore USPKS is going to “stay in its lane” and refocus on bringing the best single speed racing in the country.  The gear bangers are fun to watch, but nothing beats the excitement that wheel to wheel racing action by 50 KAs or a swarm of X30s can bring to an event, and there is where our focus will lie going forward.

See you all in Texas!!