To help with some planning for the first event, here are some key times and the special fuel info.  The event timeline is expected to be similar to last year, unless there are enough entries to warrant splitting a class into multiple heats.  We will be capping classes and developing a waiting list if the need arises.

The fuel for Round 1 & 2 will be VP C12.  While we did announce earlier that MS98 would be the spec fuel going forward, OGP will be selling the fuel at this event and C12 is what they have available.  (The fuel sold by OGP at this event will be the official fuel, and the only fuel allowed.)  This fuel is in bulk tanks, so please bring an appropriate fuel jug when you head to the OGP office to purchase it.  Remember that USPKS now requires Xeramic 2 Cycle oil, which you will purchase from your vendor of choice.

Parking will start on Wednesday, March 25th from 10am to 8pm.  Parking will resume when the gates open at 8am Thursday morning.  Parking Reservations can be made by contacting Ocala Gran Prix at 352-291-0600.  OGP is located at 4121 NW 44th Ave, Ocala, FL 34482.

OGP will be offering an unofficial practice day on Thursday, March 26th from Noon to 6pm.  The cost is $50.  Contact them for specific details.

USPKS Staff will be arriving on site on Thursday, with pre-registration pickup at the Series trailer scheduled for 2pm to 6pm.  Trackside registration will open at 3pm for those who chose not to pre-register online.  (Online pre-registration for Round 1-2 goes live on Feb 22nd.  There is no season pre-registration this year).  There will be a slight increase in entry fees, but a second class discount will be offered for the same driver entering 2 classes.

New for 2020 will be a standard event access pass ($35), or for drivers and others requiring starting grid access, a hot grid pass ($50).  OGP will be handing the pass sales in the office when you arrive.  Single day event access passes are also available for spectators for $20.

Pre-Tech will be open from 3pm to 6pm Thursday, and again on Friday.  Remember that competition tires must be scanned by Friday.  All classes qualify on Saturday using new, sticker tires.  Classes using the new MG Reds (Micro, Mini, KA Jr & Sr, X30 Pro Jr) use 1 set of tires per weekend.  Classes using the new MG Yellows (X30 Pro Sr & Masters) will use a new set Sat & Sun.  Friday practice tires are unlimited, but must be the correct compound for your class.  Also, for those that are new to the Series, USPKS does not sell tires.  You buy them from your vendor of choice, then check them in during the Pre-Tech process.

Questions about Tech items should be directed to Tech Director Rick Jump at  Questions about the schedule, timeline, or anything else pertaining to the event/series should be directed to Series Administrator Tim Koyen at  Sponsorships for the 2020 season are nearly sold out, but if you would like to sponsor the Series, contact Series Owner Mark Coats at