Tech Officials have recently posted an update to the Official Competition Rules for 2021.  Please take a moment to review them in detail by clicking over to the link.  Here is a brief summary.  These updates take affect at the next event, which is Round 3 at Road America.
Chest Protectors
As of the Road America event we have added the FIA approved Rib and Chest Protectors. The Bengio AB7 and OMP KS-1 Pro have both been approved for USPKS and Route 66 competition, as long as the chest plate is worn.
X30 Classes
We will be requiring that all X30 engines run the NGK R6252-105 or R6252K-105 spark plug during dry conditions, the NGK B10 EG or BR10 EG may be used during competitors’ choice or declared rain condition.
We will be allowing the old or new style X30 air box for the Road America event.