The 2019 Rulebook is on its way to being published online, but there are a few important rules that everyone should be aware of.  These updates will be published on both and  Please refer to the website for the full text and context.

* Note: The Series reserves the right to modify any rule, at any time, to ensure program safety and fairness.


102.5 Cameras:

Cameras SHALL NOT be mounted on or inside the helmet in any way. Camera should not obstruct the driver’s vision or block the view of the number panel in any way. Cameras may be mounted on kart as long as it will bend or break away if hit by another object such as a driver or body part.


201.18.1 Push Back Nose Cone Mounts:

All karts shall use the push back nose cone mounts. May be compared to known OEM part in case of discrepancy, dimensions below. The arrow must be pointed upward as pictured below (see full PDF document for image).


302.4.1 Number of Karts Required for Class:

If after two consecutive events, the kart count is not 5 or more karts, the class may be dropped.


302.36 Data Acquisition:

Data acquisition systems can be used to retrieve any of the following: RPM, lap times, head temperature, exhaust temperature, water temperature, speed, pedal location, GPS tracking or computer scoring. Any telemetry, other sensors or inputs shall be removed or disconnected while kart is on track during official practice or race days. Data downloading can only be done in the pit area. Only one beacon for each type of system is allowed on the track and will be placed at the USPKS approved location. GPS systems are legal.


303.1.4 Unforeseen Circumstance:

If a race cannot be run due to unforeseen circumstance i.e. weather or time constraints all competitors will receive zero points for that race.

Example; If only 1 heat race is run, the final will be lined up from heat race results.

If only qualifying and the final is run, the final will be lined up from qualifying.



303.2 Championship Points:                                        

All classes run for a single points championship. Championship points are based on pole position, finishing order in each of the two heat races, or pre final and the final.

* USPKS counts all six races for the Points Championship.

* Route 66 Supplemental Rules:

  1. All classes run for a single points championship. Championship points are based on pole position, finishing order in the pre final and the final. Two drops are allowed for the season. They do NOT need to be on the same weekend as all race days are considered a complete event. One disqualification can be used as a drop per season unless the DQ is for unsportsmanlike conduct, or the use of remanufactured or counterfeit parts. If a competitor is deemed in violation of the spirit and intent rule he or she may be disqualified netting zero points for the day in the class of the DQ without the option of dropping that race from the season points total if applicable. 22 bonus points are awarded to each competitor that attends all 10 competition days of the scheduled Route 66 events.
  2. Competitor must attend any 8 of 10 scheduled race events in order to qualify for Championship Awards.
  3. Top 10 finishing positions are what are traditionally recognized at the Banquet; however everyone is welcome and eligible for the raffle prizes. Top place finishers must attend the Banquet to accept their earned trophy and awards.


All IAME Engines Spark Plug Rule Clarification – Must be as manufactured. Either the OEM spark plug washer, head temp sensor or indexing washer shall be used. A known stock spark plug maybe used to determine length.


505.6.1 Cylinder Head O-Ring or Gasket:

The O-Ring or Head gasket is NOT required but maybe used to meet the minimum squish requirement. Minimum squish is .041” using 1/16” 50/50 solder.


505.12.1 Ignition Ground Strap:

A secondary ground strap is allowed from one of ignition bolts to the case.


506.17 IAME X30 Spec:

Minimum Squish (1/16’ Solder)                        0.035”

Minimum OEM Reed Thickness                      0.011”

Minimum Port Height (LAD Tool)                     1.340”

Minimum Port Height (Light Check)                 1.215”

Rod Length                                                           102mm

Maximum Stroke                                                  54mm

Maximum Bore                                                     54.35mm

Minimum Complete Crank Weight                   2150g

Minimum Balance Shaft Weight                       315g

Minimum Clutch Diameter (83mm)                  3.267”

Piston Type – Single Dykes Ring

Timing                                                                   Fixed

Minimum Flex Length                                     17”

X30 Junior Header (No-Go)                              26mm