The United States Pro Kart Series, presented by MG tires and IAME USA East, has announced that Elf HTX909 has been selected as the Official Oil for competition in 2021. This will apply to all classes in USPKS sanctioned events, and all 2 cycle classes in Route 66 Sprint Series sanctioned events.

IAME representatives have indicated that this is their preferred choice of oils for engine longevity. Elf is a product of Total, and the HTX909 has been used successfully by other karting series utilizing the same IAME engines that USPKS does. In testing and real world application, the Elf product has provided superior engine wear characteristics, and has proven very usable in varying weather conditions.

In addition, teams have requested that the new X30 main bearing by allowed in competition for the Ocala event. It was previously announced that the new bearing was not allowed until the second event, but since there is no performance advantage to the new bearing, and it will be more convenient for competitors using the same X30 engine for other series, USPKS has opted to allow the new bearing immediately. As previously stated, this is an optional change and is not required.

1. New Roller Main Bearing – New proprietary roller style main bearing will replace the standard 6206 type ball bearing for much greater longevity. This will be ALLOWED FOR COMPETITION AS AN OPTION for X30 Senior, X30 Junior, and X30 Masters beginning immediately. Previous bearings will still be allowed for competition.

The 2021 USPKS Competition Rules Update will be posted to the website within the next week. If you have specific questions about any rules, please contact Tech Director Rick Jump via his contact info on the website. Questions about parts availability, etc, should be directed to your IAME authorized dealer.

Registration for Rounds 1 & 2 at Ocala Grand Prix will open online via the website, beginning February 6th. A preliminary timeline for this event is currently available at We are anticipating a very large turnout at this event, and the track capacity at OGP may require multiple heats and an LCQ. Optional schedules are currently being explored, with a possibility for Friday afternoon qualifying sessions.