The USPKS had previously announced the elimination of the pre-event practice ban. This was done to allow competitors to do additional testing if they wish, without scheduling another trip. However, it was unclear whether or not practice would be allowed on Thursday, which was traditionally the event setup day. That position has now been clarified by Series Officials.

The pre-event practice ban has been lifted in its entirety. Practice on Thursdays will be handled the same way that any other track operated practice is handled. There is no ban, and practice can be offered at the track’s discretion. We encourage you to check in advance with the tracks to verify the availability of any practice, and the associated costs.

Thursday will remain the day that event parking begins, and USPKS staff will not be on hand until then to facilitate event parking, meaning, if you arrive early, you may have to move to your assigned space on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.