Beginning with the Route 66 event at New Castle Motorsports Park, the following rules will be in effect.

All non-kid kart classes must utilize a front nose equipped with a CIK-homologated pushback nose system, with a maximum of two CIK-homologated clamps. OEM clamps may be substituted for, but must be CIK-homologated for that purpose. Competitors will present their karts to the grid for qualifying with the nose removed for inspection. After it is inspected by the grid official, the competitor/mechanic will install it, without the use of tools. Zip ties may be used hold clamps closed. The nose is a tech item, and therefore may be inspected at any time during the day by series officials. If any officials ask to inspect the npse, the driver or their mechanic must remove it for inspection, without the use of any tools. If the nose, clamps, or blocks, are found to be illegal, or the mechanic/driver is unable to remove it for inspection when asked, there will be a 10-second penalty assessed. Additional penalties may be assessed depending on the infraction.

Nosecones that become dislodged during any on-track session or in the scale line, will be assessed a 5-second penalty per side with a maximum penalty of 10 seconds. This penalty may not be protested in qualifying, heat, or prefinal races. If a dislodged bumper penalty is issued in the Main Event (Finals), you may protest it using the normal protest channels, but only conclusive on-board video evidence will be considered.

For the NCMP Route 66 Event only, penalties will not be assessed for dislodged nosecones during Saturday qualifying and prefinals only. This is being done as a courtesy to competitors to give them additional time to adjust their driving style for the new system. Penalties will be assessed for Saturday’s Finals and for all sessions Sunday, as necessary.

Route 66 officials will be demonstrating proper nose presentation, installation and removal at the Driver’s Meeting. They will also answer any questions that you may have about the equipment and rules.

If you have any questions about this rule, or anything else pertaining to the Route 66 Sprint Series or United States Pro Kart Series, please feel free to contact Officials via the website contact info.