While it was always the intention of the USPKS to run the Southern GP at Ocala Gran Prix as scheduled, despite our best efforts, it just isn’t going to happen the way we hoped. The COVID-19 situation in Florida is very fluid right now, and much has changed in the last 24 hours. All major sporting events, and most theme parks and other attractions are either closed, or closing this weekend. While our gatherings are relatively small, we don’t want our competitors or staff to be unnecessarily exposed to the virus at the event, or while traveling. With this many unknowns, it was decided unanimously by USPKS and the folks at Ocala Gran Prix, with the support of many of the race teams, to postpone this event indefinitely. No one knows what the next few weeks will bring, and rather than make competitors and teams wait until the last minute to cancel or modify travel plans, it was best to handle this now, and hopefully this delay is just an inconvenience. In the end, this is just a kart race, and we would rather hold it under appropriate conditions. We will keep you updated as more information about a new date becomes available, but for at least the next couple weeks, it will be a wait-and-see situation as the virus runs its course. Pre-entries will be transferred to the next event, or a rescheduled Round 1, whichever comes first. Stay safe, and we appreciate your patience.