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Sept 09–11

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Pitt Int'l Race Complex Wampum, PA
Aug 25


posted by Mark Coats on Aug 25, 2016

The 2016 United States Professional Karting Series Final Event is just 14 days away. The 2016 Awards Banquet to celebrate our 2016 Champions will follow Sunday's Day of Racing at the Event Center, located at the top of the hill of the Wilson Karting Circuit. You must attend the banquet to get your awards. All Awards with the exception of the MG Tires and Trophies will be in the form of certificates. The Champions Suits, Champions Rings forms, along with all of the other certificates must be filled out at the banquet. We will have a table set up for our awards winners to pick up their certificates and forms in the Event Center.

Online registration is always open online. To receive the best price, we encourage you to enter today!

For reserved parking, it is very important that you fill out the form online. The form is under downloads.

The timeline in available online under the schedule page.

Event Parking starts Thursday September 8th. Parking for Teams & Sponsors will start at 9:00 am. I encourage the Teams with big rigs to arrive in the morning. Regular parking to follow. The series trailer will open at 10:00 am for pre-entry pickup. Trackside registration will open at noon.
Kart Safety, Helmet Tech & Tire Scanning will open by 10:00 am & go until 6:00 pm.
At this event we will be using the Sunoco 110 Fuel that is sold at the track. You will need a credit card to purchase your race fuel.

There will be a survey at the series trailer. I encourage everyone to fill this survey out. It's about classes, tracks, procedures and more.

Jul 17


posted by Mark Coats on Jul 17, 2016

There is no truth in the rumors that the United States Pro Karting Series is closing at the end of the year. This rumor was started by one individual who has nothing better to do with his time.
In the four short years that the USPKS has existed, we have improved the sport of karting. We are giving back to the racers and their families.
We have reached out to all karting organizations and promoters to improve the schedules for all involved. No one wants another July like this year. Eight weeks in a row if you run all series.
We have had our own online registration program developed to help the racers get entered. With the series mobile office, you do not have to wait in line more than a few minutes to pickup your drivers packet. Trackside registration only takes a few minutes. You are not waiting in line for hours to get your credentials & your free event T-Shirt.
Racers ask for more tech to level the playing field & the USPKS TEAM did just that. From engine sealing procedures, tire scanning, new tire sniffer & new state of the art fuel tester, we have definitely raised the bar in tech. We have even sent tires to an independent lab to get tested.
We have brought in more officials to watch the on track infractions. We have even implemented the video review. We are doing this all for you, the racers. We also listen to our customers. You can call me anytime & I will be more than glad to talk to you.
The Friday evening cookout and bags tournament are also a great time to spend with your racing family.
I wanted to get this put behind us, because I believe in my USPKS TEAM, all of our sponsors, supporting shops & you are racing customers.
You know that you are doing something right, when other series are copying your race format, classes & procedures. At the USPKS we are working on the future. All of our racers will be ask to fill out a survey in the next 30 days. I encourage everyone to do so.
Thank you,
Mark Coats - CEO

Jun 14


posted by Mark Coats on Jun 14, 2016

March 31-April 2, 2017 - NOLA
June 16-18, 2017 - MRP
TBA - PITT International
September 8-10, 2017 - BKC
**Badger Kart Club is expanding and repaving their track at the end of the 2016 season.

**** The August Date was a conflict with the US Open, who has had this date for years. We will announce a new date soon.

Jun 05


posted by Mark Coats on Jun 05, 2016

This is just a friendly reminder to our racers to make your racing experience with our series a good one.
1) Purchase Pit Passes
2) Check in with the person doing pit parking & get your trailer parked
3) Pick up your drivers packet. In the drivers packet, you will find a Pre-Tech Form. You need to get this done sometime Thursday or Friday. You will also need to get your tires scanned. All of this needs done before race day. If you wait until Saturday morning, you might miss a practice session. Currently only 50% of the racers do this on setup day or practice day.
4) Make sure you have a charged working transponder Or rent one at registration.
5) FUEL TESTING - The series has stepped up our fuel testing program. Old fuel tanks and fuel jugs that have had everything under the sun put in them will not pass the new fuel tester. If you have any questions, check with our Tech Director Rick Jump or Tim Anderson.
6) OFFICIAL FUEL SUPPLIER - Sunoco 110 Fuel purchased from Express Karts & Parts is the Official Fuel for the Route 66 Sprint Series.
It must be mixed with either 6 ounces, 7 ounces or 8 ounces of REDLINE OIL. Your Redline Oil may be purchased from your favorite Kart Shop.
If you have any questions at the events, please check in with one of our friendly staff members at the United States Pro Series Trailer.
Thank you & see you at the races.

Apr 26


posted by Mark Coats on Apr 26, 2016

The Route 66 Sprint Series debuted the new State of the Art Fuel Tester this past weekend at NCMP. We used this weekend as a learning/testing weekend. The racers have asked for a fare & level playing field and we have stepped up our game. The old testing methods are now obsolete.
By the end of the weekend, we knew who bought fuel from the Series Fuel Supplier, who ran other brands of fuel, who bought fuel at their local gas station, who ran the FWT and who runs at the Badger Kart Club.
FYI - If you have run other series that uses other brands of fuel & oil, you might have contaminated the fuel tank on your kart, same with your fuel jug. When we ran SKUSA and our series, we had a separate fuel jug and fuel tank to be 100% positive that we we're legal.
This is your responsibility as a competitor to make sure that you are legal.

At the first USPKS Event in May, we will also be debuting a new State of the Art tire tester.

We are doing everything possible to level the playing field. If you have any question, please email the Series Tech Director.

Apr 13


posted by Mark Coats on Apr 13, 2016

The Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series presented by MG Tires is scheduled to begin on May 13-15 at the New Castle Motorsports Park. Series officials are putting together the final pieces for another successful year following a 2015 season that included another increase in participation. The fourth season of the USPKS is set to be better and bigger, including another stellar prize package that is reaching the $100,000 for 2016.

Cold hard cash has always been part of the prize package at the Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series. Once again, the two headline Pro categories of the USPKS will race for a money purse each weekend. The IAME 125 Pro will battle for a $3,000 weekend purse, with the winner each day awarded $1,000 and second earning $500. Third place each day receives a new set of MG Tires. Should one driver win both main events in a single weekend, IAME USA East will award an additional $500. The Yamaha 100 Pro division has $1,500 toward the total points for the entire race weekend. That driver who earns the most points between the two rounds earns $1,000 with second place in points taking home $500. Third place will also receive a set of new MG Tires.

The Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series recognizes the top-five drivers in all eight categories, with each driver receiving a championship position trophy, a new set of MG Tires, and gift certificates that total $18,000. All eight championship drivers receive a customized ring and suit to commemorate their accomplishment for the 2016 season, while the eight vice-champions are awarded a special MG Tires jacket.

The champion in the IAME 125 Pro division also receives an all-expense paid trip to the Granja Viana 500 in Brazil courtesy of WR Motorsports. The annual 500-mile endurance event attracts the biggest names in motorsports from native Brazil and around the world. One air ticket round trip, transportation, four hotel nights, race entry, and part of the WR Motorsports team with everything included for the December event estimated at around $6,000.

Adding to the prizes shelled out during the year-end prize ceremony on September 11 is IAME USA East. Each of the four IAME class champions will receive a FREE IAME engine, with the Pro and Junior gifted a X30 powerplant and the Cadet and Rookie title winners handed a Swift engine, total nearing the $10,000 mark.

Each weekend, DeepSeat is providing $100 to the Hard Charger Award in the IAME 125 Pro division to the driver who advances the most positions in the main event each race day. At the season banquet, KartLift is also raffling off a customized pit box, one of the most sought-after prizes at the ceremony. Over $7,500 worth of gas grills courtesy of Weber, Napoleon, the Big Green Egg and Marx Fireplaces & Lighting. Additional certificates from Precision Karting Technologies, L&T Clutches, gas stations, along with sets of MG Tires and USPKS Event T-Shirts will be raffled and given away throughout the four weekends.

The prize package for the 2016 Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series could not be possible without the many supporters and class sponsors:

IAME 125 Pro - Franklin Motorsports
IAME X30 Junior - Innovative Performance
IAME Swift Cadet - Allison Racing Engines
IAME Swift Rookie - Jay Howard’s Motorsports Driver Development
Yamaha Pro - Comet Kart Sales
Yamaha Junior - Woltjer Racing Engines
Yamaha Cadet - Switch Racing Engines
Yamaha Rookie - QPS Employment Group

May 13-15: New Castle Motorsports Park - New Castle, Indiana
Event Sponsor: Top Kart USA
Cookout Supporters: Benik Kart, L&T Clutches

June 17-19: US Air Motorsports Raceway - Shawano, Wisconsin
Event Sponsor: Praga North America
Cookout Supporters: KartLift, Red Line Synthetics

July 8-10: GoPro Motorplex - Mooresville, North Carolina
Event Sponsor: IAME USA East
Cookout Supporter: Alfano

September 9-11: Pittsburgh International Race Complex - Wampum, Pennsylvania
Event Sponsor: Checkered Motorsports
Cookout Supporter: COMPKART

Registration remains open for the first event of 2016 at the New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana on May 13-15 - sponsored by Top Kart USA - by visiting the Registration section.

Mar 14


posted by Mark Coats on Mar 14, 2016

The United States Pro Kart Series is preparing for the fourth season of competition after experiencing growth in each of the previous three seasons. Another four-event championship schedule at four distinct and popular North America karting circuits from the months of May to September. MG Tires is once again showing its support of the USPKS program, which is also welcoming an additional title sponsor in Fikse Wheels.

“It is very exciting to have Fikse Wheels on board with us for the 2016 season,” stated United States Pro Kart Series promoter Mark Coats. “The past three seasons have been memorable with the kind of growth, cooperation and great racing produced at the 12 events we have hosted. Moving forward, the addition of Fikse Wheels takes the USPKS to the next level. Their support helps to bring more attention outside the sport of karting to the USPKS and karting in general, while also exposing their products to a new market of potential customers. The support of MG Tires and Fikse Wheels will be seen throughout the events in 2016.”

Fikse Wheels is a North American company focused on designing, engineering and manufacturing wheels from its Langley, British Columbia headquarters. Fikse provides an unmatched advantage on the track, supplying teams in IMSA, World Challenge, the FIA Sports Car Series, and others around the world. Fikse Wheels offer a wide variety of street car products, featuring lightweight components, superior strength and stiffness, combined with ease of serviceability to make them the choice of champions and enthusiasts alike.

“Motorsports is our passion and our business, and there is no better grassroots level like karting,” stated Fikse Wheels President Daryle Redlin. “Fikse has a number of partners throughout the motorsports ladder system, and we know a number of current and future karters could find themselves racing sportscars or open wheel machines with Fikse Wheels. This new partnership with the United States Pro Kart Series helps to expand our brand into the midwest and the rest of the east coast with those in karting, motorsports and the many car lovers.


The 2016 United States Pro Kart Series program is moving along quickly, as officials are happy to announce the release of the rules package. Now available through the USPKS.com website, competitors can download the full rule structure for the upcoming season, which features four Yamaha divisions and four IAME categories.

New for the 2016 is the promotion of Jason Ludwig to the Series Race Director. Ludwig has served as Assistant Race Director for the first three seasons, with Race Director experience coming from the past few seasons at the Route 66 Sprint Series. He will be joined by new Head Flagman Tony Jump and new Assistant Race Directors Cale Wyse and Kevin Harris.

The remainder of the USPKS staff remains the same for the 2016 season:

Dan Green – Series Administrator

Julie Green – Assistant to the Series Administrator

Rick Jump – Series Tech Director

Tim Anderson – Assistant Tech Director

Alex Hornsby – Assistant in Tech

Randy Kugler – Series Announcer

Alli Long – Series Score Keeper

Becky French – Series Assistant

Tony Wyse – Series Assistant

Steve Everitt – Series Assistant

Paulette Anderson – Series Assistant

Jim Churchill – Series Safety Director

Kathy Churchill – Series Photographer

Registration for the opening round of the 2016 United States Pro Kart Series at the New Castle Motorsports Park is currently open through the Registration link on the website.