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Jan 17


posted by Mark Coats on Jan 17, 2017

There is some confusion on who qualifies for the FREE KA100 Engines—naturally the YAMAHA 100 PRO Drivers get first shot at the engines.

Now any USPKS or Route 66 Senior competitors can enter for the engines.

5th Priority: Any USPKS TAG Drivers…

6th Priority: Any Route 66 TAG Drivers…

Any engines remaining after those groups have had their opportunity will be available to the public.

Jan 17


posted by Mark Coats on Jan 17, 2017

The United States Pro Kart Series, in conjunction with IAME, announces its major prize package for 2017. Headlining the package will be trips to the IAME International Final, to be held in October of 2017.

The USPKS championship point leaders after the first three events in X30 Pro, X30 Junior, and Mini Swift (X30 Mini*) will receive a fully-funded seat to their respective classes at the IAME International Final. Included in the package will be: race entry fee, race tires, engine/chassis rental, mechanic and support for the event. The IAME International Final, scheduled for the week of October 15, is very close to the USPKS finale. To allow the winners more time to prepare, the series will award the seats to the championship leaders after three events. The 2017 class champions for the season will receive IAME engine packages, providing plenty of incentive to complete the full season.

USPKS has also acquired an additional seat for Mini Swift, to be awarded to the overall weekend winner at the second event of 2017 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. This seat will include the entry fee and guaranteed spot only. If this weekend winner goes on to be the points leader after the New Castle Motorsports Park event (secures the full ride ticket), then the second Mini Swift seat will revert to the overall weekend winner from NCMP. Should the points leader also be the weekend winner at NCMP, then the seat will go to whomever finishes second overall at Event #3. This provides the opportunity for a Mini Swift driver who is not able to make it to the opener at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC on April 7-9 can still win a seat at the IAME International Final. Since this is the first year for Mini Swift at the Le Mans, France event, these spots are very coveted around the world. This means that this year’s IAME International Final Mini Swift winner will be the inaugural champion. Adding to the prestige, there are only a total of 34 seats available worldwide, and USPKS competitors have two of those positions. (*The IAME International Final 2017 utilizes the X30 Mini package for this age category.)

These four drivers will also become part of the Team IAME USA 2017.

The 2017 IAME International Final will be held at the Le Mans Karting International Circuit in Le Mans, France. 405 drivers participated in five IAME classes at the 2016 event and with the addition of the X30 Mini class, the 2017 event will be even larger.

In addition to these fantastic race opportunities, USPKS class champions and top finishers in all the IAME classes will receive IAME engines or parts packages.

Competitors wishing to take advantage of the free IAME KA100 Engine package deal, must pre-enter for the season immediately. As of today, there are only five engine packages remaining in this promotion. When they are gone, you will have to purchase your engine package from an IAME retailer.

Season pre-entry is currently open for the USPKS at www.uspks.com.

For more info about IAME, or the IAME International Final, please visit their website at www.iame.it

The UPSKS is a four-event traveling national race series featuring seven classes, utilizing IAME and Yamaha engines. The 2017 schedule includes GoPro Motorplex (April 7-9), Pitt Race (June 2-4), New Castle Motorsports Park (July 28-30), and Autobahn Country Club (September 22-24).

Jan 05

USPKS and Route 66 Sprint Series Move to Tighten Tech on Yamaha Engines

posted by Mark Coats on Jan 05, 2017

In response to concerns raised by Yamaha competitors and industry engine builders, the USPKS and Route 66 series have moved to eliminate some of the “gray” areas that have been part of the rules packages used by most of the major US race series that allow the Yamaha engine. These gray areas have been consistently pushed by some competitors, to a point that we believe is detrimental to the sport of kart racing. An email from Series Tech Director, Rick Jump, was recently sent to the major engine builders involved in the Series. The relevant text of that letter appears below:

Since the last race of the 2016 season, we have been busy taking a closer look at the Yamaha engine Technical regulations. Based on what we were seeing last year in our tech inspections, we believe the boundaries have been pushed beyond a reasonable level, by some parties. Our intent is not to eliminate the Yamaha engine, but to get everyone back to a fair and even playing field. USPKS and Route 66 Series intends to do what is good for Karting and be a leader in addressing issues, and we feel strongly that this is one issue we need to get in front of. With the machining technology out there, almost anything is possible. To address this, we will be implementing new rules, and even a new tech tool, for checking the transfer ports. Many of you saw us testing this in last few races of 2016. This should help turn the rule book back to black and white, and help eliminate the gray areas.

The following changes will be in effect for the 2017 season in both series.

Minimum Blow down - 0.390” (was 0.380)

WA55B Carburetor:
“Tentative” Minimum Throttle Shaft Diameter - 0.182”
“Tentative” Maximum Diameter Throttle Shaft Hole - 0.1875” (Hole cannot be egg shaped)

Other areas of closer scrutiny will be the exhaust and transfer ports. As we all know, the ports are not straight, and when taking measurements, they vary from one end to the other. If we see ports that have close to the same reading all the way across, more than likely, we will keep cylinder for further investigation.

As always, I will listen to your feedback, but I have talked to a number of you and have received a positive response on this matter. I appreciate your cooperation with this next step forward.

Rick Jump - Tech Director

Dec 19

USPKS Announces IAME KA100 Incentive Program

posted by Mark Coats on Dec 19, 2016

Recently, the MG Tires United States Pro Kart Series (USPKS) announced the addition of the new IAME KA100 Pro class. The KA100 is a user-friendly, high performance, complete engine package with a simple ignition system, fixed pipe, machined Tillotson carb, and an onboard push button starter. The IAME KA100 includes many of the parts utilized in the popular IAME X30 engine, and also uses the IAME Mini Swift coil and ignition which will help simplify inventory for both IAME racers and dealers.

The USPKS, along with IAME USA East, is committed to the success of this class, and have created an incentive program to help with the introduction of the KA100. This USPKS KA100 program will provide a free KA100 engine package to the first 20 season entrants that commit to attend all four events of the 2017 USPKS season. So in essence, if you race the whole season, and pre-enter for the year, you get a free engine that you will be able to keep. In addition, the USPKS is offering the first 60 season entrants in any class, a free set of MG HZ Red tires, so if you are one of the first 60 entrants series-wide, you will not only get a free engine, but a free set of tires as well. If you fail to attend and compete in all four of the events, you will be required to pay the special $1,595.00 introductory price for the complete engine package. The retail price for the KA100 engine package after the introductory period will be $2,295.00.

When asked why USPKS and IAME put together such a comprehensive promotion for this new package, Series Owner Mark Coats said, “From the very beginning, the USPKS has set out to be an industry leader, and a pioneer in the sport. The KA100 is a major step forward in 100cc racing, but it’s a new package to the American karter. We wanted to make sure that any of our racers could afford to make the switch from the old Yamaha engine reasonably, and economically, which is why they are getting the first crack at this promo. This is a great opportunity, for a great package, at an even better price.”

Competitors that participated in the USPKS in 2015 or 2016 will be given the first chance to score one of these packages, followed by competitors that participated in the Route 66 Sprint Series in 2015 or 2016. Once the USPKS and Route 66 Sprint Series regulars have had a chance to claim this offer, it will be opened up to all karters until the 20 KA100 packages are gone. With the number of recent inquiries on this class, these 20 packages aren’t expected to last long. USPKS competitors wishing to purchase a spare KA100 or any competitors looking to purchase a package are able to order one now from their favorite IAME dealer at the introductory price of $1,595.00 for a limited time.

Competitors that raced USPKS in 2015 or 2016, and interested in taking advantage of this offer, should contact Mark Coats at mcoats.uspks@gmail.com to get on the engine list, as well as pre-enter for 2017. The USPKS online entry is live now, and this opportunity will be available to the general public once the series regulars lock their engines in, while supplies last.

Dec 12

United States Pro Kart Series Confirms 2017 Class Structure

posted by Mark Coats on Dec 12, 2016

As work continues on the 2017 version of the MG Tires / Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series, we are pleased to announce our 2017 Championship class lineup.

The sands of time have seen the once venerable Yamaha Sr. class, dwindle at the national level across the country. Despite good competition, USPKS has not been immune to this decline in numbers. Therefore, for 2017, the Yamaha Pro class will be replaced with a class that is entirely new to the US national scene. The KA100 IAME class is an air-cooled 100cc reed valve class that has taken the Australian market by storm, and will now debut on the national stage in the USA with USPKS. This package has all but eliminated the Yamaha KT100 in an Australian market that it once dominated. We are excited to be partnering with IAME USA East to make the great leap to the next level with the KA100, and a very good incentive package will be made available to help racers get their feet wet with this new engine package. Look for more details on this engine and an incentive package next week.

The Yamaha Rookie class will also no longer be a part of the USPKS program, as we encourage rookie racers to prepare themselves longer at the regional level before participating in a Pro level series.

The 2017 Class Lineup is as follows:
Yamaha Cadet
Yamaha Junior
Micro Swift
Mini Swift
KA100 IAME Senior - 360 Pounds 15 & up
X-30 Junior - Weight change to 330 Pounds.
X-30 Pro - Age dropped to 15 & weight at 360 Pounds

With the exception of a small minimum weight increase in the X30 Junior class, and the lowering of the minimum age to 15 years in the X30 Pro class, the rest of the USPKS class structure will remain the same as in 2016.

Another notable change will be the switching of all classes, except X30 Pro and Junior, to the slightly harder MG-HZ (Red) compound tire. This tire is better suited to the HP levels of these classes and will provide greater durability, resulting in a cost savings to the racers in the form of increased practice usage. The X30 Pro and Junior classes will continue with the popular MG-FZ Yellow tire.

Probably the biggest change that racers will see for 2017 is going to be the mandatory use of the “drop down nosecone” system in all classes. This is a very simple system that can be added to any kart, for a minimal cost. It has been used successfully in Europe for several years and it has reduced contact between karts significantly. The drop down bumper doesn’t actually drop down, but it “pops” loose if there is excessive contact with another kart. Once loose, the driver can continue on, but a penalty will likely be assessed at the conclusion of the race. We expect that it will greatly reduce incidents of contact resulting from over-aggressive driving. This will make racing more enjoyable for everyone. More details on this will be forthcoming.

Season pre-entry is now open, and incentives are in place to get on board early, including a free set of tires, and a low pre-entry price.

Nov 23

United States Pro Kart Series Confirms 2017 Plans

posted by Mark Coats on Nov 23, 2016

The United States Pro Kart Series is excited to announce our program for the 2017 season. As part of our continuous improvement process, and beginning with the closing events of 2016, Series staffers solicited opinions, ideas, and suggestions from numerous competitors, supporting race shops, and sponsors. That information was discussed extensively and the result is the following changes to our program, beginning with the 2017 campaign. We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are!

One of the most commons themes we heard was that the practice days were too long, and that shorter sessions were preferred, with an earlier wrap up. Additionally, to cut back on the number of travel days, to start the Friday practice later. And at the conclusion of the race weekend, everyone wanted to get back on the road home earlier. To that end, the new weekend schedule was developed.

The next change, is with regard to the entry fees and purses paid in some classes. Most folks surveyed felt the money classes were not necessary and were not a motivating factor. So we listened and eliminated the purse, which allowed us to lower the entry fees. Entry Fees Lowered: 1st Class is now $300 and the 2nd Class $250 (pre entry). At track entry, $350 all classes.

Another popular request was the addition of drop race into the championship. Again, we listened, and for 2017 you get one race day as a drop. Four Great Events; 8 race days, with 7 of the 8 race days counting toward the championship.

The 2017 USPKS Schedule is:

April 7–9, 2017 - Go-Pro Motorplex, Mooresville, North Carolina
June 2–4, 2017 - Pittsburgh International, Wampum, Pennsylvania
July 28–30, 2017 - New Castle Motorsports Park, New Castle, Indiana (NEW TRACK LAYOUT)
September 22–24, 2017 - The Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, Illinois (Temporary Circuit)

The 2017 Class Lineup will be released soon. But in the meantime, mark you calendars!

More information on the USPKS can be found by visiting the series website at www.uspks.com or by contacting Series Director Mark Coats at (217)652-6275 or via email at mcoats.uspks@gmail.com.

2017 USPKS Race Weekend Format

12:00p - parking for Sponsors, Race Teams and Big Rigs
1:00p - Starts Individual parking
1:00p–7:00p - Registration & Pre Tech

8:00a - Pit pass sales and Track opens
8:30a–6:00p - Registration
9:00a–6:00p - Pre Tech & Tire Scanning
12:00p–6:00p - Practice Sessions
6:00p - Cookout and Bags Tourney (Bags Champion for the year)

7:00a - Pit pass sales & track opens
7:30a - Registration & Tech opens
8:00a - One round of warmup, Qualifying, Two Heats (progressive start), Final

Podiums and interviews after each final

7:30a - Pit pass & Track opens
8:00a - Registration & Tech opens
8:30a - One round of warmup, Qualifying, Prefinal, Final

Podiums and interviews done after each final

Oct 18


posted by Mark Coats on Oct 18, 2016

Thank you to all of our Champions & award winners. The Champions Rings, Suits & Runner-up Jackets have been ordered. All checks have been sent to our vendors for first & second place certificates.
Thank you to all of our racers, racing families & shops & sponsors for supporting the United States Professional Karting Series.

Sep 12


posted by Mark Coats on Sep 12, 2016

The 2016 United States Professional Karting Series Championships have been decided and our Champions have been Crowned! The awards banquet followed the weekends racing at Pittsburg International Sunday afternoon. Watch for the article on e-karting news later this week.
Thank you to all of our racers & their families for supporting the USPKS.
Don't forget to support all of the USPKS supporting sponsors for all of your karting needs.
Thank you to all of the USPKS "TEAM" for another great season.
Stay tuned to the website for the entire 2017 program.

Thank you for supporting the United States Professional Karting Series.

Sep 09


posted by Mark Coats on Sep 09, 2016

On the eve of the 2016 Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series presented by MG Tires finale weekend, series officials are pleased to announce its commitment regarding the tire selection for the future of the program. MG Tires has been the only brand utilized for the USPKS and the regional Route 66 Sprint Series since 2013, and promoter Mark Coats is confirming the continuation for both series with the Brazilian manufacturer.

“We have and continue to be pleased with the performance of the tire and what MG Tires has done for us,” stated USPKS and Route 66 Sprint Series promoter Mark Coats. “I want to thank WR International - Wagner Rossi and Luis Ruibal - for everything they have done for our two programs over the last four years. Mr. Rossi and Mr. Ruibal have been great partners for both series and I can not thank them enough for their support and friendship.”

Recently, MG Tires announced a change in the distribution network for North America with a new direction, new philosophy and new key personnel. Coats met with MG Owners Marcello Ventre and Gianfranco Ventre during the month of July and conducted many discussions with new North American distributors Justin Marks and Eric Jones of the GoPro Motorplex facility. Similar goals exist between the two parties toward the current and future racers in the eastern half of the United States.

“It has been a great working relationship with Mark and the series he promotes,” stated Eric Jones of KartSport North America. “We began working with his program as a track owner at our GoPro Motorplex facility, and have enjoyed hosting an event in each of the first four years of the USPKS. We have extended our IAME dealer network and customer service program thanks to his two series that reach multiple states and tracks throughout the eastern half of the United States. The addition of MG Tires to our structure further strengthens our relationship with the United States Pro Kart Series and Route 66 Sprint Series.”

The United States Pro Kart Series and the Route 66 Sprint Series is set to continue utilizing the MG Tires FZ (Yellow) and HZ (Red) compounds for the 2017 season in IAME, Yamaha and Kid Kart competition.

This weekend is the 2016 season finale for the Fikse Wheels United States Pro Kart Series presented by MG Tries, set for the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, PA and sponsored by Checkered Motorsports. The Route 66 Sprint Series program closes out the season on October 7-9 at the Mid-State Kart Club facility in Springfield, Illinois sponsored by B&B Electric.

Mar 14


posted by Mark Coats on Mar 14, 2016

The United States Pro Kart Series is preparing for the fourth season of competition after experiencing growth in each of the previous three seasons. Another four-event championship schedule at four distinct and popular North America karting circuits from the months of May to September. MG Tires is once again showing its support of the USPKS program, which is also welcoming an additional title sponsor in Fikse Wheels.

“It is very exciting to have Fikse Wheels on board with us for the 2016 season,” stated United States Pro Kart Series promoter Mark Coats. “The past three seasons have been memorable with the kind of growth, cooperation and great racing produced at the 12 events we have hosted. Moving forward, the addition of Fikse Wheels takes the USPKS to the next level. Their support helps to bring more attention outside the sport of karting to the USPKS and karting in general, while also exposing their products to a new market of potential customers. The support of MG Tires and Fikse Wheels will be seen throughout the events in 2016.”

Fikse Wheels is a North American company focused on designing, engineering and manufacturing wheels from its Langley, British Columbia headquarters. Fikse provides an unmatched advantage on the track, supplying teams in IMSA, World Challenge, the FIA Sports Car Series, and others around the world. Fikse Wheels offer a wide variety of street car products, featuring lightweight components, superior strength and stiffness, combined with ease of serviceability to make them the choice of champions and enthusiasts alike.

“Motorsports is our passion and our business, and there is no better grassroots level like karting,” stated Fikse Wheels President Daryle Redlin. “Fikse has a number of partners throughout the motorsports ladder system, and we know a number of current and future karters could find themselves racing sportscars or open wheel machines with Fikse Wheels. This new partnership with the United States Pro Kart Series helps to expand our brand into the midwest and the rest of the east coast with those in karting, motorsports and the many car lovers.


The 2016 United States Pro Kart Series program is moving along quickly, as officials are happy to announce the release of the rules package. Now available through the USPKS.com website, competitors can download the full rule structure for the upcoming season, which features four Yamaha divisions and four IAME categories.

New for the 2016 is the promotion of Jason Ludwig to the Series Race Director. Ludwig has served as Assistant Race Director for the first three seasons, with Race Director experience coming from the past few seasons at the Route 66 Sprint Series. He will be joined by new Head Flagman Tony Jump and new Assistant Race Directors Cale Wyse and Kevin Harris.

The remainder of the USPKS staff remains the same for the 2016 season:

Dan Green Series Administrator

Julie Green Assistant to the Series Administrator

Rick Jump Series Tech Director

Tim Anderson Assistant Tech Director

Alex Hornsby Assistant in Tech

Randy Kugler Series Announcer

Alli Long Series Score Keeper

Becky French Series Assistant

Tony Wyse Series Assistant

Steve Everitt Series Assistant

Paulette Anderson Series Assistant

Jim Churchill Series Safety Director

Kathy Churchill Series Photographer