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July 31 – Aug 2

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Michiana Raceway Park North Liberty, IN
Jul 29


posted by Mark Coats on Jul 29, 2015

We as a series are always trying to do what is best for the sport of karting. When we released our 2016 schedule on July 7, 2015, we were unaware that another series had already secured a date in July.
I was attempting to spread our dates out, so its not such a financial burden on our racers and our shops. Scheduling dates on top of each other and around each other are not good for anyone. Everyone looses when series do not cooperate. The tracks, shops, engine builders, racers & yes the series looses. This is why I am redoing our schedule, its for the betterment of out sport. Hopefully the other series will follow.

The revised 2016 USPKS schedule is as follows:
February 26-28, 2016 - TBA - Florida
June 17-19, 2016 - US Air Raceway - Shawano, Wisconsin
July 8-10, 2016 - MRP - North Liberty, Indiana
September 2-4, 2016 - NCMP - New Castle, Indiana

The tracks are determined off of our surveys.
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

Jul 28


posted by Mark Coats on Jul 28, 2015

Just a reminder that the online registration has closed. You still can enter at the track starting Thursday. Please see the attached timeline.

Jul 27


posted by Mark Coats on Jul 27, 2015

Hello, Racers!

We look forward to working with you at the upcoming USPKS race. The Michiana Raceway Park staff will be assisting USPKS with parking and any on site issues dealing with off track items. Please be sure to give us your space requirements and your trailer parking. If you are utilizing a tent company, they must call us first to organize set up and each of you need to contact our So Bend phone number to announce your total pit layout. This is critical as attempt to get more racers closer to the grid than any other property. As a result we don’t want any surprises. Here is what we need to know:

The complete blueprint of your needs including trailers, tent as well stake or water barrel needs to hold down the tents. Water barrels area available for $50 each and we will set in place for you. We work with the series who asked no skate boards, bikes, scooters and non race vehicles inside the pits. This is critical to keep the wide aisles open to and from the grid and exit. Please help us out. Phone 574 288 4922 or text Garry at 269 720 9196 for any urgent requests. I return all messages as soon as I get them providing the Cell towers are working.

Electrical hook ups will be charged based on the number of days of hook up.

Anyone staying on site will be required to pay $50 for overnight camping fees for the 3 day event.

If you have large shipments such as karts etc, please give us a heads up so we can be prepared to unload and secure your goods.

One garage remains available with a 20x20 tent in front plus electric. $300 for the weekend.

Jul 21


posted by Mark Coats on Jul 21, 2015

Just a reminder for pit reservations, please contact Ron at the Michiana Motorsports Park @574-288-4922. There are several electrical camping spots & 2 garage spots with tents also available. We request that all big rigs arrive late Wednesday afternoon or first thing Thursday morning.
The Timeline is posted to your right. More information will be posted Monday July 27th. Don't forget that online entries close at midnight Sunday July 26th.

Jul 07


posted by Mark Coats on Jul 07, 2015

Due to lack of entries in the ROK GP Junior class, we have decided to eliminate the class. Thank you for understanding.

Jul 07

2016 Schedule & Class Structure

posted by Mark Coats on Jul 07, 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2016 United States Pro Karting Series Class Structure & Schedule. The only track that has been finalized is Shawano Wisconsin. Our opening race will be in Florida in February and the track will be announced once our racers fill out the track survey & we crunch the information. As far as engines and class structure, our racers have spoken and we have listened. We have worked closely with VORTEX & IAME to bring you the engine packages and classes that you have ask for.

2016 USPKS Schedule
February 2628, 2016 ??, Florida
June 1719, 2016 - US Air Raceway - Shawano, Wisconsin
July 8-10, 2016 - MRP - North Liberty, Indiana
September 24, 2016 - NCMP - New Castle, Indiana

2016 USPKS Class Structure
Yamaha 100 Cadet
Yamaha 100 Junior
Yamaha 100 Senior
IAME Junior - TBA
IAME Senior - TBA
VORTEX Direct Drive Senior PRO - 18 & up ** Rules & Engine to be announced after MRP.

The Vortex Direct Drive class will be the Premier Class in the USPKS to run 4 Events with 1 "WINNER" per Event. This new format will be exciting for our racers. As a series, we feel it is important to listen to our customers and to work closely with our shops & sponsors to bring the best package to our racers.

Jun 25


posted by Mark Coats on Jun 25, 2015

The rough driving and the lack of respect by the racers appear to be an epidemic in all
forms of karting.
The big question is how do we stop it?
In my opinion there are several factors contributing to the problem.
To me the parents, tuners & driving coaches need to stop telling their drivers to get to the
front regardless what it takes. This is dangerous and as we saw this past weekend. There
were 5 red flags and that is 5 to many. There were 4 alone in the sportsman classes!!
As a series we want to let you race, but apparently the drivers feel that they have a 75%
chance of getting away with aggressive driving and just running over the kart in front of
them. Ladies & Gentlemen this type of racing HAS TO STOP & I MEAN NOW. Thank God
that Luca & Preston were not seriously hurt.
As a series it is my "Team’s" responsibility to provide a fair & safe racing environment. We
do not drive the go-karts & we do not coach the drivers. We want you to have a fun
experience with both of our series.
As far as the fairness goes, we are doing more tech than all of the other karting series in the
USA. We have stepped our game up with more qualified tech officials & have invested in
more equipment for teching tires, engines and fuel. If you have not noticed, we have
streamlined our registration system as well.
The next issue is safety. None of my officials take this lightly; it's our number one concern.
Starting at the next event at MRP, we will be implementing a video system recording all of
the starts. We will have more of our "TEAM’S EYES" watching the races. If you take
someone out on the start, guess what, you will finish behind them. All penalties will be made
public. This will be done by a ticket at the scales and announced over the PA. Hopefully we
do not need a penalty box like they have in hockey. I personally will watch every race along
with the RD and series director Rick Fulks.
There is no excuse for people having their karts totaled on the race track. NONE!
Our "TEAM" will be meeting before the next events and will have the new penalty
procedures in writing for everyone. We do take this seriously. We will get this under control.
If we have to send drivers home, so be it.
I hope that the drivers, parents, coaches, team owners & kart shops talk this over and
realize that I will put a stop to this. There are a lot of guys who race clean and we are not
pointing fingers at you.
For 2016 the "PRO CLASS" will be by invitation only and or a licensing system. If you want
to run the new "DVS" Pro class in 2016 and want to get your license, I suggest you start
driving like a Pro.
Please share this with everyone you race with.
Mark Coats
CEO Route 66 Sprint Series, Inc.

Jun 25


posted by Mark Coats on Jun 25, 2015

Thank you to all of our sponsors, shops & racers for attending the USPKS Event at the US Air Raceway, sponsored by Praga North America.
A special thank you goes out to the Keaveny Family for hosting the Friday evening cookout and to Allegany Truck Bodies & KartLift for sponsoring the cookout. It was appreciated by all.
I am excited to report the Luca Mars & Preston Lemm are doing fine. Preston according to his grandfather is a little black and blue, but feeling better. I would like to personally thank Jim Churchill & the local ambulance service for taking care of our young racers.
Matt & Tonja Wharff defeated John Dignan & Gary Lawson who appeared to be unstoppable in Friday evenings bean bag tourney. Congratulations Matt & Tonja. There will be another "bags" tournament at MRP in July.
I would like to thank my entire USPKS staff along with the Route 66 Sprint Series staff who helped this amazing event happen. I would also like to thank George Sieracki for handling the trailer parking for our first two events. It's a tireless job and George donates his time to the series, thank you my friend.

Apr 28


posted by Mark Coats on Apr 28, 2015

I would like to thank everyone who attended the opening round of the USPKS Event. We had record entries and parking was tight, but with everyone's cooperation we made got thru the weekend and I just wanted to say thank you to all. This includes the racers, their families, sponsors, the track staff & management & the USPKS staff.
We are now focusing on Event #2 at Shawano Wisconsin in June. Hopefully we will see you there.
Thank you again,

Apr 16


posted by Mark Coats on Apr 16, 2015

If you have registration questions about the USPKS, please contact the following:
Registration & Scoring - Dan & Julie Green - dan.uspks@gmail.com
Technical - Rick Jump - jumpracing@yahoo.com
General Questions - Rick Fulks - rfrf1@comcast.net
General Questions - Mark Coats - mcoats.uspks@gmail.com
If you emailed any older email addresses and were ignored, we apologize.