Beginning on January 2, 2024 at Noon Central Time, you can reserve your number for the 2024 USPKS season for a nominal fee of $50.  Once you reserve a number, that is the number you must use for competition, so give it some thought before completing.  Numbers that are not paid reserved, prior to the season starting will not be held from race to race.  There simply aren’t enough numbers to save them for people who don’t reserve them for the season.  Defending Champions may use the number 1 in the class they earned it in, no additional cost is required as its a perk of being a Champion!  If you are a defending champ and want to use the #1, please send Tim Koyen a message ( with your name and class and we will assign the number to you.

2023 Reserved number holders will have 1 week to renew their number once Reservations open on Jan. 2.  After that, all numbers will be available to anyone.  In the meantime, unreserved numbers from 2023 are available on a first come, first served basis.

Only current members can reserve a number, so your membership must be valid to proceed with a reservation.  Reserved numbers will be handled just like entering a race on  Please reserve your number will the same account that you will use to enter a race.

As always, your membership and reserved numbers are tied to your RaceSelect account.

The USPKS RaceSelect Page is located HERE.  As soon as an event is open for Registration, you can find it there.