Earlier this year, USPKS and MG Tires offered a free set of 4 tires to the first 30 competitors to pre-register for the 2019 season.   To qualify for the free tires, you must have been one of the first 30 entrants with paid entries, and if you were mailing a check, the check must be received at the USPKS office in Springfield, IL, in time to qualify as a Pre-Entry.  If your check is not received, your entry will not count and pre-registered and you will not receive the promo tires.

Those tires went quickly, and these are the competitors who secured those tires are listed below.

William Cox

John Burke

Nicolas Terlecki

Chloe Chambers

Eric Goldstein

Jeremy Fletcher

Jason Noe

Nash Gierke

JT Novosielski

Spencer Conrad

Raiden Nicol

Xander Clements

Nick Daniell

Vincent Capitillo

Luke Stroud

Cristian Vomir

Emory Lyda

PJ Lyda

Jeff Lyda

TJ Koyen

Laurentiu Mardan

Logan Cozzie

Danny Dyszelski

Andrew Patterson

Kyle Raymond

Aiden Levy

Scott Roberts

Scott Falcone

Jacob Andrew

Jack Illife

The tires will be distributed at the Series Trailer on Thursday afternoon in Ocala.