Following the USPKS season finale at GoPro Motorplex last fall, the USPKS Team began its annual review of the Competition Rules & Regulations, by which the Series operates.  And while changes to the CRR will be minimal for 2022, with full details being released soon, there is one topic that is currently trending hot on social media.

The USPKS introduced the European Push Back Bumper system to the US market in 2017, with most National series eventually adopting the system.  From the very beginning, USPKS has been responsive to the racers in how the PBB system was implemented.  Recently there have been attempts by other series to eliminate the PBB system and revert back to the fixed bumper system.  Competitors have asked if USPKS plans to follow suit, and eliminate the PBB, and that answer to that is a resounding “NO”.  USPKS believes that the PBB has improved racing and cleaned up the starts specifically.  If there was ever any question of whether not we would be worse off without the PBB, recent racing events should make it clear that it continues to be a better option than a fixed bumper.  Racer feedback has unanimously confirmed this as well.  One valid criticism that our competitors have told us is that they are unable to protest a PBB penalty, other than following a Final event. This was done primarily to keep the on-track officials on the track, rather than in the pits reviewing videos every session.  USPKS has heard those concerns and will be adjusting the rules to allow for a video review of a PBB penalty after any session.  A designated race official will be available to review video throughout all competition sessions, and if the video evidence supports it, overturn the penalty.  The exact procedure for this will be forthcoming as part of the 2022 CRR package.  In the meantime, rest assured, we are keeping the PBB, and making it easier for you to talk to an official if you think the penalty was undeserved.

Registration for Round 1 at Orlando Karting Center will be opening on January 29, 2022 via  The Reserved number event is currently open on MSR as well.  Reserved numbers will end prior to the opening of the first event.

Reserved parking info for the Orlando event will be posted to the website at the same time that registration opens.

2022 United States Pro Kart Series Schedule

March 3-6: Orlando Kart Center – Orlando, FL
April 28- May 1: GoPro Motorplex (alternate layout) – Mooresville, NC
July 7-10: Briggs & Stratton Motorplex at Road America – Elkhart Lake, WI
September 15-18: New Castle Motorsports Park – New Castle, IN (Awards Ceremony)